Meet the founder

Ivarah Itofa is a passionate social entrepreneur working on child right protection and advocacy. He founded Church on the street at nineteen years old; a non profit that currently serves over two thousand families and children from vulnerable communities in Nigeria with warm meals, education and the gospel of Jesus.
A Hive Global Leaders Fellow 2019 and a Young Professionals Bootcamp Fellow 2020. He is an excellent communicator and an educator in training. 

Founder's Notes

Growing up as a kid, I was really blessed to have people pour into my life in incredible ways; those actions will later go on to birth church on the street at nineteen years old. Maya Angelou wrote; “people will never remember what you said to them but will always remember how you made them feel”.

My dream is to see a world where everyone will go beyond and above for their neighbors and not just children- we preach Jesus and our sincere hope is that as we take on this high road every day to get to families, one child will be inspired to pay it forward to another child culminating into a ripple effect.

I have seen God move with the team on this journey; we grew from just four pioneer team members in the University of Benin, Nigeria into a vast army of over six hundred and fifty (650) team members from eleven states in Nigeria.

We hold Jesus very close on this journey because He sent us out; everyday gives us another opportunity to trust Him for the needs of the communities we serve & it is my sincere desire that our passion rubs off on you even as you get stirred to support our cause, amplify it by telling a friend, or just pausing to pray we never wax cold or experience burn out.

Thank you so much! I look forward to hearing from you.