"Our mission is to support children from poor families with education, warm meals and the message of Jesus through love and action!

Church on the street is a Christian humanitarian organization saddled with the responsibility of taking the gospel of Jesus to low income and underserved communities in Nigeria through feeding programs, adopting public schools, orphanage homes and engaging community service


Most frequent questions and answers

As an organization, in order to fulfill our mission of reaching every hungry child in Nigeria, we have successfully set up teams in different states in Nigeria to enable effective reaching out; these regions are what we call trybes.

Donate- You can make a donation. Our work in our communities thrive on the priceless contributions from big hearts that enables us get food, school resource materials and the gospel of Jesus to families who need it.

Participate- You can always participate in our virtual fundraising program. Making a difference is in little things; your network (family & friends) will be a great asset to us and the children if you can help us amplify our cause.

Volunteer- You can always join a trybe by volunteering. We thrive on the skill set, expertise and experience of our volunteers who sacrifice precious time to help us achieve our cause.

No, we do not. We serve our whole community, every religion that needs our help we will always extend a hand of love (God) to them.

Every new volunteer is assigned to a trybe (a small team) where they bond and build new relationships and draws them to the bigger community we serve.

Today, our success rate on every project largely depends on both the young and elderly people who give their time, skill-set and resources (cash and in-kind) to ensure our mission of making a difference in the lives of children around Nigeria possible. Becoming a volunteer gives you the incredible experience of making a priceless difference in the life of a family or children. You will also experience a phenomenal team building experience from a large pool of trybe members across the globe.