The Perks of Volunteering

Jones couldn’t understand what made his Younger sister Annie stand out a whole lot. Annie was basically everywhere and every time they attended a wedding it felt she knew everyone because she was passionate about Girl Child advocacy. Her ‘being in everything’ like Jones would often spell out was her activeness at volunteering in everything. From conferences to NGO’s function and campaigns coulpled with being a Mass Communication student in Nigeria. Annie was just 18! But had been to 4 Different countries across the globe all expense paid because she had built a portfolio in volunteering for events that improved lives around her community!

Sharing God’s love, one child at a time…

In a fast pace growing world like today, everyone has their hands on something! NGO’s are springing up everywhere. Because, it feels like the older the world becomes the more a certain group is left behind- so these initiatives and NGO’s targeting a particular niche help solve a problem. My NGO Churchonthestreet Int’l helps indigent children from around the globe using community projects, scholarships and mentorship programs to reach out to these lovely kids, and In 7months we’ve garnered over 40 volunteers in and outside of Africa!

Volunteering expands your network. At the same time you are helping people’s life get better in a niche, you are also improving your circle and putting yourself and what you do out there, so basically more people know you and what you do!

Volunteering helps you build a compelling resume or CV, wondering how Annie an 18 years old girl has been to 4 countries in less than 2 years of active Volunteering?! Her CV showed it. No firm or agency wants to pick another ‘Regular Mr’ or ‘Regular Mrs’, brands and firms are basically looking for creative minds who would not bring the ‘regular’ to the company. So often you see the individual who is an active volunteer in something that’s making his or her community better get picked over you who is doing nothing! Your CV or resume looks a lot better and different from the regular. (Now you know the secret of getting that scholarship)…

Volunteering grows and fuels a passion! Since my active involvement in volunteering I became a lot better with clarity for my purpose. I became more bold because meeting new individuals, I mean not just the regular individuals now but amazing ones became a regular routine. And I just keep finding a family who have similar passion to touch the world!

Volunteering makes your recommendation more compelling. The NGO or firm you are volunteering for can recommend you for a scholarship or a conference abroad and the organizers will take you seriously anywhere in the world because of the works these initiatives have done. More like enjoying a grace

So, what’s holding you back? Volunteer Today.

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