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Hi! my name is Fega 

Volunteering With The Team @churchonthestreetng changed my view about Life. Volunteering with the team at church on the street has been one of the best decisions I made in 2018!  
The teams are spread across Benin, Benue and, Nassarawa in Nigeria, how cool is that?!

It makes my heart so full of joy  to see that we all have a deep love and passion that wants to transform the lives of poor and impoverished children around the world.  At Church on the street we are committed to putting smiles on the faces of little children by the Grace of God. Our campaigns so far have included Orphanage outreaches| Save suicide project| Project save admission| Open free meal day and Project balm in Gilead scheduled to hold in January. The orphanage outreach experience is so close to my heart. It was different! We got to share love and genuine happiness with these kids altogether!      

We had the rare privilege of spending time and sharing the gospel of Jesus with these lovely kids. We brought lots and lots of gifts and food for them, played games, sang and danced, and finally one of the Co-founder shared the word of God with them. The kids were free spirited & it made it so fun. I could not and still can’t express the magnitude of joy I felt & still feel from that day. Those kids may be orphans but they are the express image of God! I love them, we all do. But sadly, we can’t go to see them everyday. So the least we can do for these kids is pray for them. 

It is very important you are a blessing to someone, But helping those who can’t pay you back in any way is a lot better. We made the kids smile and they will never be able to possibly repay us. It was one of the best feelings in the world. Take a break, go out and sow seeds of love.

Let’s all help these  kids by keeping their dreams alive as we take them through a journey with Jesus. They deserve to be happy

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