Paying it Forward

The last couple of days I’ve just found myself coming in contact with this word ‘paying it forward’. In the last year I developed a pechant for viewing social experiments on YouTube. I consistently looked out for experiments that included homeless people and the most recent channel I discovered is What will You Do? This love for social experiments has gone on to affect me in real life; because now Everytime I get to make a decision I just ask myself: what if there is a camera out here?

I want you to know not everyone is fine even when they tell you they are. Today, I have friends who have paid for meals for me, took care of my internet subscription or offered to request rides for me when I couldn’t afford one, it’s just life. Paying it forward is all about setting a chain reaction; if you know you’ve been helped go on and help other people & they in turn will do the same that’s how we pay it forward.

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